Using our Cell-Kro biologic grafting drug, we are grafting patented human cardiac progenitor cells to improve cardiac repair and function after myocardial infarction (MI, heart attack).

Simple and effective grafting tool that enhances adhesion, survival, proliferation, migration, and differentiation of transplanted stem/progenitor cells. Priming cells with Cell-Kro for 30 min on ice prior to injection provides robust, long-term engraftment (i.e. graft success).

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No treatments that preserve or replace damaged tissue after myocardial infarction (MI) currently exist and poor graft success is a common problem after transplantation of cultured cells into injured tissues. Cell grafts after ischemic injuries, such as MI, are especially inefficient due to low adhesion to host tissue, low cell survival rates and low levels of migration.

Cell-Kro is a connective tissue growth factor (CTGF-D4) and insulin combo that primes reparative cells for successful engraftment and survival. Short term incubation of cardiac progenitor cells in Cell-Kro prior to transplantation in a rat model of MI promoted robust, sub-epicardial engraftment, survival and migration of cell derivatives one week after MI. One-month studies showed rebuilt blood vessels and a reduced negative remodeling. Cell-Kro is a powerful tool that remarkably promotes graft success and lasting cell replacement.

Priming cells with Cell-Kro markedly increases graft success

Cell-Kro Achievements

Screening/Identification of Biologic

Cell-Kro [CTGF-D4/Insulin]

Proven Efficacy in Vivo

Grafts improve cardiac function after MI

Patented Cells

Human epicardial cardiac progenitor cells

Defined Mechanism of Action

Identified receptor for CTGF-D4

Strong Clinical Feasibility

Using Cell-Kro is both fast and easy

Pre-clinical Testing

Cell-Kro grafts human cells to pigs with MI

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