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Samba BioLogics, Inc. is a preclinical stage biotechnology company based in Vermont. We produce breakthrough agonist biologics that preserve tissue and improve repair after ischemic injury. Our pipeline includes “Cell-Kro,” a biologic drug that promotes engraftment of transplanted progenitor cells, and “VasaPlex,” a biologic that rescues jeopardized cardiac tissue after myocardial infarction.

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No treatments that preserve or replace damaged tissue after myocardial infarction (MI) currently exist and poor graft success is a common problem after transplantation of cultured cells into injured tissues. Cell grafts after ischemic injuries, such as MI, are especially inefficient due to low adhesion to host tissue, low cell survival rates and low levels of migration.

Cell-Kro is a connective tissue growth factor (CTGF-D4) and insulin combo that primes reparative cells for successful engraftment and survival. Short term incubation of cardiac progenitor cells in Cell-Kro prior to transplantation in a rat model of MI promoted robust, sub-epicardial engraftment, survival and migration of cell derivatives one week after MI. One-month studies showed rebuilt blood vessels and a reduced negative remodeling. Cell-Kro is a powerful tool that remarkably promotes graft success and lasting cell replacement.

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Coronary heart disease leading to acute myocardial infarction (MI; heart attack) is a principal cause of mortality worldwide. Cornerstone treatments for MI are designed to restore blood flow (i.e. to “reperfuse”) blocked coronary arteries. Despite reduced times to intervention, and successful stent placement, 30-50% of primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) patients exhibit low- or “no-reflow”, a phenomenon linked to poor outcomes, increased probability of heart failure, and death. Low/no-reflow occurs when macroscopic vessels
are opened by stenting or thrombolysis, but distal myocardial perfusion remains compromised.

VasaPlex (HGF:IgG complex) and “VasaPlex-F2” (FGF2:HGF:IgG complex) are vaso- and cardioprotective biologic drugs we’ve designed to increase vascular integrity and preserve cardiac tissue jeopardized by reperfusion injury and low/no-re-flow. In a large animal (pig) model of acute MI with reperfusion, intracoronary infusion of VasaPlex preserved 48 ± 12% of myocardial tissue at risk.

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